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January 2016


Cape Winelands

January 4, 2016

As I write this post, I am currently bundled up beneath my duvet, wearing ten different layers of clothing and cursing myself for being so in love with New York. I know I’ll quickly get over it. I am steadfast in my belief that there is no better place on this planet but looking back on all these photos from this past week and seeing the sun shining down on Cape Town has made me slightly question my life decisions. New York is the place to be for all the obvious reasons, but as I sit here typing this, pausing every few minutes to pull my sleeves down over my fingers to warm my frozen little hands, those obvious reasons are evading me. Okay, yes, I am being dramatic! (Surprise, surprise)… It was about 40° out today – not terrible, but I will say that when I first stepped outside JFK this afternoon, the cold was a shock to my system.

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