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September 2015


Back to School

September 28, 2015

Traveling to Princeton to watch my sister’s soccer game was the perfect excuse to pretend I was back in school for the day. I have always loved the schoolgirl look. In fact, I have a photo of myself from my first day of fourth grade in which, despite not having a dress code or uniform, I chose to wear a very similar look to this one (see the bottom of this post for a good laugh). I did have somewhat of a strict dress code in high school, but unfortunately, we were not required to wear cute plaid miniskirts.


I’ve seen a few fashionistas that I admire (most notably, my idol, Olivia Palermo) rocking the plaid on plaid look. I decided to give it a go and really liked the effect of the two different textures and patterns paired together. It’s definitely a risky maneuver, but I think if done well, it totally works.

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First of Fall

September 23, 2015

DSC_0433 (1)

Happy first day of fall, the time of year that is by far my favorite season. As the temperature starts to dip, I subconsciously reach for rich, vivid hues that evoke the changing leaves on the trees outside. I especially love that this season’s fashions pay tribute to the ’70s, the era of boots, flared jeans, earth tones, and gemstone colors. These are the greatest things fashion has to offer in my opinion.

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Ice Cream Crawl

September 22, 2015

My aunt, Carrie Drazin, writes the fabulous lifestyle blog and web magazine, It’s Droolworthy. In the endless pursuit of fantastic content for her site, she is always looking for fun, unique new activities to try and interesting places to visit. This past weekend, Carrie put together an itinerary for the two of us to scavenge out the best ice cream shops around Manhattan.

First on our list was 10Below, the first place in New York to serve Thai-inspired ice cream rolls. This place has become pretty popular as of late, with a number of articles written about it, including one a few weeks back in the Post about the 3-hour wait involved for this treat. 10Below’s ice cream-making method is pretty crazy. They start off with liquid cream and pour it over a cold plate set at -10°F (from which the store derives its name). The liquid turns into solid ice cream right before customers’ eyes and is formed into a bundle of rolls before being served. 10Below had an array of distinct flavors. I went for the S’mores Galore and topped it with Teddy Grahams and caramel drizzled over everything, and my aunt had the Cookie Monster. Watching the whole process was pretty cool, and their ice cream definitely lived up to the hype.

IMG_0047 (1)

Next, we walked through the East Village to Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream. This ice cream parlor is elegant and quaint, and the ’50s-style fountain bar stools lend a retro vibe to the place.

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Chocolate City

September 13, 2015

Vest: Madewell (similar). Jeans: A.P.C. Boots: Rag & Bone. Necklace: Madewell (similar). Watch: Larsson & Jennings. Bag: Jerome Dreyfuss.

My best friends know me better than anyone, and so of course, they got me the greatest gift for my birthday. A few months back, they signed us up for a chocolate tour around New York City. This weekend, we finally got around to going. What a day we had together! We ate our way through Chelsea, the West Village, and Greenwich Village and ended our journey in Soho. My feet were throbbing by the end of it, but the endless number of sweets we collected along the way more than justified any pain.

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South of Houston

September 7, 2015

Dress: Auguste. Shoes: Gentle Souls. Bag: Mulberry. Sunglasses: Ray-Ban.

Labor Day weekend is the best time to shop in the city. Everyone leaves town for one last beach getaway before the end of summer, and not only are the streets and shops free of crowds, but almost every store has a sale going on. I spent the day yesterday in Soho taking advantage of this opportune moment. Needless to say, I was very successful on this shopping trip.

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